Receiving Your First Email On A Fling Dating Site: What To Do To Land A Date

Receiving Your First Email On A Fling Dating Site: What To Do To Land A Date

Learn what to do after receiving your first email on a fling dating site. Find out how to respond appropriately, arrange a date, and navigate the world of casual dating.

Receiving Your First Email On A Fling Dating Site: What To Do To Land A Date

What To Respond After Receiving Your First Email On A Fling Dating Site

Receiving your first email on a hookup fling website is very exciting, especially since it comes with the whisper of possible sex. If you've recently joined a fling website and have been waiting for your first email, you're probably feeling pretty good right now. Now that you've received your first email on a fling dating site, you can actually start chatting with a real person and possibly hookup with them. Since you're just looking for a fling, all you really need to be sure of is your attraction to this person, afterwards you'll just need to meet up with them and see where your night takes you. When responding to your first message on a fling dating website, you want to make sure that you act appropriately so that you don't scare off your only potential sex partner. To do this, you should simply ask questions and refrain from getting too sexual right off the bat. Once you've chatted for a bit, you can arrange a date and meet them in person.

Not Into Her? We All Have Our Own Sexual Preferences — Don't Sweat It!

Everyone has their own sexual preferences and that's alright! You just need to make sure that you're somewhat attracted to the person you're meeting up with before committing to a date. Since all you've really seen is this person's fling dating site's profile picture, you don't really know what to expect from them, so it's not always going to go as planned. Since your sexual preference varies from person to person, it's pretty much impossible to be sure that you're meeting up with someone you'll want to sleep with. If you meet up with your date and end up not being into her, don't sweat it! You'll know better next time. Sexual preference is unique to everyone, so if someone isn't into you or vice versa, you shouldn't be too offended. After all, you're not going to be into everyone you meet either, right?

Going On Your First Fling Dating Site Date: What To Expect

When you agree to go on your first fling dating site date, you really don't know what to expect, and since not everyone you meet is going to stay true to their dating profile picture, you're basically flipping a coin. You might meet up with someone on your first date and be completely horrified, or you might meet up with your first date and be blown away by how hot they are. Not knowing what to expect comes might not be the greatest feeling, but most of the time your first date will go a lot better than you would have imagined. When you go out on a first date, you should never expect to get laid right away, even if you're meeting someone from a fling site. Having low expectations will stop you from getting disappointed if something doesn't go your way.

Having An Escape Plan — Just In Case You're Not Feeling It

Ever heard of someone receiving an urgent phone call within the first twenty minutes of their date, making them have to leave immediately? If you have, this is usually referred to as an escape plan. Having an escape plan in case something doesn't go as planned is a must-have when meeting up with singles from the internet. If you meet up with someone who looks nothing like their pictures or is totally annoying, you're probably going to start wishing that a meteor gets sent from space to destroy your home, making you have to leave your date earlier than expected. Luckily, you can spare your home and ditch your date by planning out the perfect escape plan. You shouldn't have to waste your time on someone who you're seriously not into, but you don't want to blatantly insult them either, right? So in order to (somewhat) spare their feelings, having an escape plan ready can basically save you from hours of torment.

Do You Really Need To Be Aroused By Someone To Have Casual Sex?

If all you want is to have casual sex, do you really need to be one hundred percent sexually aroused by your fling date? Most people would agree that you don't, but some would argue that they can only have sex with someone who really turns them on. In the end everyone is different when it comes to their casual sex preferences. Not everyone will have high standards when it comes to finding a casual sex partner, but some will.