Think you’re being cheated on? Using a recording device to make sure

recording deviceRecording Tech Vs Cheating

Using tech to catch a cheater

There are a lot of arguments over whether or not using tech to catch a cheater is the wrong thing to do. However, using tech to catch a cheater is completely up to you and shouldn’t be looked down on if you’re really using it to be able to get out of a horrible relationship. Many people get so emotionally involved in their relationships that they cannot accept the fact that their partner is cheating and need to see it to believe it. Using tech to catch a cheater can be seen a tricky and evasive but who cares? As long as you aren’t using it for bad reasons, it can be justified.

Using a recording device to catch it on tape

The worst thing someone can do is cheat on you in your own bed, yet somehow this happens all the time. If you got home one day and it was apparent that someone else had slept in your bed, you probably wanted to kick your lover out as soon as possible, but couldn’t because they told you you were overreacting and wrong. If your lover is good at getting away with things and doesn’t want to admit that he cheated, using a recording device to catch him cheating might become a priority of yours. This way, the next time he cheats on you, you can show him the tape and kick him out of your apartment. If you know he cheated but don’t know how to tell him you know, read on guide on 5 ways to tell them you know they cheated.

Why having a cam in your home can save you from dating a cheater

Most cheaters wait a couple months before starting to cheat on their new partners. Unfortunately, these people can end up dating a cheater for years without realising it. If you’re tired of wasting your time on cheaters, investing in a cam might be in your best interest. Having a cam set up around your home can save you from dating a cheater. You don’t necessarily need to set it up in your bedroom, you can set it up at the front door as a security system and use it as a cheating cam as well.

Catch them in the act

Catching a cheater in the act will make it easier to get over them, this is because you will instantly be fueled by hate when you see your lover on top of someone else. However, holding onto anger can stop you from moving on from your relationship. If you want to heal quickly and properly after breaking up with a cheating partner, read our guide on the power of forgiveness.

Having proof will make it easier to breakup

When my lover started cheating on me with other people in Nelson, I knew almost instantly. I knew this because his demeanor instantly changed and was never the same again. Since I was in love and in denial over the entire ordeal, I knew I needed to have proof to facilitate the breakup. Using a recording device helped me catch my partner in the act and break up with him once and for all. Since I had proof, he did not try to fight me over the subject and left without putting up a fight.